Press Release – VG Meats Expands their Brand Ecosystem to Include Olliffe

July 16, 2021


 Partnership builds upon a shared commitment to their local farmers, land and communities 

Simcoe, Ontario — July 16, 2021 VG Meats, a local, family-owned business proudly serving Ontario families high-quality meat since the 1970s, has announced a new partnership between VG Meats, Rowe Farms, and Olliffe

Started by previous generations and now run by four brothers, VG Meats is deeply committed to their local community with many of their products being raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario. This partnership with Olliffe is a natural extension of their existing brand ecosystem as they build upon their shared values rooted in their local landscapes and the people who live there.  

“VG Meats is committed to regenerative agriculture and in the building of healthy soils and community from the ground up, starting with our own family. This new partnership with Olliffe is the next evolution into a larger brand family, allowing us to support more local farmers and ranchers, expand practices that benefit the earth, ensure that our local communities have accessibility to the healthiest foods possible, and meet the demands of the growing interest in regenerative meats,” states Cory Van Groningen, VG Meats, First Born.    

VG Meats is committed to building upon Olliffe’s rich tradition and integrity when it comes to showing up for farmers, producers and the Rosedale community since 1975. 

“As we look to continuously grow and evolve along with the changing conditions of the food and agricultural industry, we trust this new partnership will be foundational in expanding our ability to offer the highest-quality and sustainable meats, produce, and other specialty foods to our growing customer and client community,” adds Jamie Cooney, CEO of Rowe Farms. Rowe became a part of this brand ecosystem in 2019 and since has offered the full breadth of the VG supply chain to the customer base and expanded into a new store location.  

Along with a deepened supply relationship, VG Meats also looks forward to providing Olliffe with management and logistical support to continue to grow and nurture the health and prosperity of the entire existing Olliffe community and staff.   

“Under this new leadership team, Olliffe moves forward into a new chapter, rooted in the traditions we have collectively built with our incredible staff,” states Sam Gundy, owner and operator of Olliffe for the last twelve years.   

About VG Meats 

VG Meats specializes in small herd, high care, is fully traceable and is the first tenderness tested beef in Canada. In addition to beef, they also offer local chicken, pork and turkey. Their team also creates chef-inspired prepared meals, daily lunch options, award winning deli meats and more. Learn more at  

About Olliffe  

Olliffe is a real butcher shop committed to supplying our customers and some of the city’s top chefs with the very best meat. Their passion for good food, friendly service, and years of expertise help customers get the best out of their meat. Olliffe has always worked directly with farmers and producers. Making the connection at the grass-roots level enables us to monitor the growing cycle of the animals giving the in-store butchers confidence when selling cuts “from nose-to-tail.” Learn more at  

About Rowe Farms  

Rowe Farms strives to provide their customers with the best local brands that share their vision of quality and sustainability. Rowe first started raising grass fed cattle on a Guelph, Ontario farm in 1972 and their passion for producing the healthiest foods along with a commitment to animal welfare began then and continues to grow today. Rowe Farms works in close partnership with their farmers to develop a sustainable agricultural model that is economically viable and supports local farmers to remain on their land while supplying the local communities with the healthiest foods. Learn more at 

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