About the Family

Feeding Ontarians Runs in Our Family

All four of us stayed in the family business but we studied different sectors and all wear our own distinctive hats.

About the FamilyWe are a local, family-owned company that have proudly been serving Ontario families high quality meat since the 1970s. Run by 4 brothers, all of our products are born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario.

We specialize in small herd, high care beef that is never fed antibiotics, fully traceable and is the first tenderness tested beef in Canada. In addition to beef, we also serve local chicken, pork and turkey as well as VG chef inspired prepared meals, daily lunch options, award winning deli meats and more!

Chad Van Groningen

Butcher & Processing

Kevin Van Groningen

Food Science

Kyle Van Groningen

Customer Service

Cory Van Groningen

Farmer & Politician