It’s coming! Super Bowl specials preview

January 23, 2020

Super Bowl weekend is coming up fast and whether you’re a 49ers fan or cheering for KC, you’re going to be hungry. It might be a big party with friends and neighbours or just dinner with the family, but the truth remains: Super Bowl is a great excuse to indulge in your favourite game day foods. Nachos, sliders, pork back ribs, chicken wings and more – we love it all! Forget the halftime show – this is what everyone will be waiting for on February 2nd.

We offer these great VG Meats products all year round, but we’re offering them at a special price in celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl weekend. Read on for details – our new specials will take effect January 29th!

The beauty of regular ground beef

As you start to plan your Super Bowl weekend menu, consider this: regular ground beef is an amazing product that’s often overlooked into favour of leaner grinds. Why doesn’t regular ground beef get the love it deserves?! We find that a lot of people go to leaner beef grinds without really knowing why. While we love a good lean ground beef (it’s great in meatloaf, for example), we sometimes want to remind people how awesome regular ground beef is. It’s got a slightly higher fat content, so it’s super flavourful. It may require slightly more draining than lean ground beef if cooked stovetop (this is that delicious, rich fat content breaking down) but it’s worth it to get that full flavour bite. Plus, it’s inexpensive and versatile – a winner with families and those preparing to host a crowd. Try it in sliders, nachos, tacos, chili, pasta sauce and more. You won’t be disappointed!

Waste not, want not

In addition to being affordable and enjoyable, buying regular ground beef helps contribute to zero waste living. When we make regular ground beef, there is little to no waste involved as we’re able to utilize the entire animal. This makes it a sustainable, zero waste product that reflects our values and commitment to sustainable food production.

Shop now and be ready for kick-off

VG Meats regular ground beef will be going on sale starting Wednesday, January 29th for just $2.25 per pound (available in 10 lb frozen boxes). In addition to grinds, our split tip chicken wings are on special for $3.65 per pound (10 lb box filled with 1-1.5 lb bags of chicken wings). We’re also going to be offering great deals on other popular game day items – stay tuned for those details!