The 12 Meats of Christmas

A Great Gift This Holiday Season

December 21, 2017

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…meat? Yes, meat – the best gift anyone could ever receive. In fact, that’s how you know it’s true love – when your partner forgoes a fancy watch or diamonds in favour of a nice, juicy, tender cut of beef, chicken or pork from VG Meats. Like our amazing gift baskets, these products make a great present this holiday season (or, stock up your fridge just to treat yourself).

With so many products and only twelve days, we couldn’t even come close to covering everything we offer in-store and online…but we’ve got a pretty great list to start with. Here they are – the twelve meats of Christmas.

#1: Peameal Bacon

Weekend mornings call for peameal bacon. You can serve it next to eggs, in a breakfast sandwich or as part of your eggs benedict. Peameal is versatile, though, so don’t limit yourself – go ahead and serve it up at dinner for a nice change of pace!

#2: Flattened Chicken

A family favourite, our flattened chicken is delicious, easy and perfect for weeknight dinners. You’ll feel like you’ve spent hours creating a homemade meal for your family when really, you just have to pop it in the oven and enjoy.

#3: Whiskey-Aged Beef

Our whiskey-aged beef is a custom product that is made just the way you like it. You decide how long we age the beef (we’ll give you options and guide your based on preferences) and what type of whiskey suits your taste. Do you want sweet, smoky or something funky? Let us know! This is truly a luxury to cook, serve and enjoy.

#4: Pork Chops

A family classic – everyone loves a good pork chop. Grill them on the BBQ, marinate and bake them or use them in a casserole with mushrooms and rice. Comfort food is always a hit!

#5: Mushroom Burgers

Our Portabella Mushroom Burgers are a customer favourite – and for good reason! They’re probably the best burgers you’ll ever eat. Or at least top 3 (the other two hits being our Chopped Sirloin Burgers and your own homemade burgers with VG Meats ground beef, of course).

#6: Tomahawk Steaks

This is serious steak – we’re talking about a huge, bone-in, delicious cut of meat. Your Tomahawk Steaks can be whiskey-aged upon request and are available in our Man Cave Survival Kit. If this looks like too much steak for you, check out our beef product page – we have tons of other options to choose from.

#7: Jumbo Split Tip Chicken Wings

Any night can be wing night if you believe in yourself. Our Jumbo Split Tip Chicken Wings are huge, meaty, juicy and perfect for dry-rubbing or slathering with your favourite sauce.

#8: Beef Bacon

It’s beef. It’s bacon. What’s not to love? This customer favourite is unexpected and delicious. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it now! It’s definitely the kind of gift we’d like to open on Christmas morning.

#9: Pork Ribs

Grill ‘em, smoke ‘em, cook them in your oven or even the crock pot. However you like your pork ribs, they’re always best if they’re from VG Meats. Make this your new holiday classic!

#10: Chicken Breasts

There are so many good meals involving a classic bone-in or boneless chicken breast, it’s hard to know where to begin. If you’re filling up someone’s freezer for Christmas, this is a trusty staple and an absolute must. Enjoy!

#11: Delicious Sausage

Sausage is always a good idea, and we’ve got plenty of flavours to choose from. Check out our Farmer Sausage, Garlic Pork Sausage, Mild or Hot Italian Sausage, Gluten-Free Sausage or even our chicken sausage options, like the Jalapeno Cheddar or Spinach Feta. Yum!

#12: VG Meats Gift Card

Ok, so sometimes, giving a bunch of meat as a gift isn’t realistic – maybe you’re sending a gift out of town or simply won’t be able to store a cooler of meat under the tree. We get it! In that case, offer your loved one a VG meats gift card. It’s basically EVERY meat in one gift – what could be better?

Happy Holidays, everyone – we hope to see lots of you in 2018!