VG Meats Whiskey-Aged Beef

You Need This

November 9, 2017

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want – a good steak, ribs cooked just the way you like them, a family-style roast or a nice piece of pasture-raised chicken. We love all of these things, and carry that (and more) in our Stoney Creek and Simcoe stores. Whatever you’re craving, you can get some today. But what about trying something new?

A while back, we watched this video about Whiskey-Aged Beef and fell in love. We’re well-versed in aging meat, but introducing the flavour of Canadian whiskey was an idea too good to pass by. We did some research, grabbed some local whiskey from the 40 Creek Distillery in Grimsby and got down to business.

Lo and behold, it worked

We understand from experience that aging beef takes patience and skill, and we set out to do this right. That said, we had a few questions during the process. How would the meat take in the flavour of the whiskey? Would it be subtle, rich and strong, or something funky and completely unexpected? We wondered if any alcohol content would remain in the meat, and finally, there was the big question: would we even like it?

The good news is yes – we like it. We love it, actually. The flavour blew our minds and we knew pretty quickly that this was something our customers would enjoy. No alcohol content was transferred to the meat, but the whiskey notes were all there – it’s rich, it’s different and it’s an absolute luxury that we’re excited to offer.

What we learned

When you wrap the meat in the whiskey-soaked cloth during the aging process, it actually sterilizes it. This creates an amazing, funky flavour that is very desirable in aged beef. It also means less waste, as more meat is preserved during the process. You can also manipulate the flavour by using a sweeter or more smoky whiskey, depending on your preference.

Get some for Christmas – or just because

Now is the perfect time to order your whiskey-aged beef ahead of the holiday season. As the process takes time, get your orders in soon – we can make it to your specifications! Your whiskey-aged VG Meats beef can be the star of a holiday dinner party, or makes a great gift.