People and the Price of Food

It's Not the Same Product

July 6, 2018

There’s a common dilemma that many consumers feel: wanting quality products without having to pay “quality” prices. At VG Meats, we believe in offering an amazing product at the best possible price – it’s a commitment we’ve made and one of the reasons our customers keep coming back. Everything we produce or sell is guaranteed to be local, delicious and of exceptional quality – no exceptions, no excuses.

That said, we understand that sometimes, you could get cheaper meat from a large chain store. Their chicken may be on sale for less than ours is – so why would you pay more to buy the same product?

Because, quite simply, it’s not the same product.

All food is not equal – the reality of cheap eats

We work in the industry so we understand what goes into pricing food. Simply put, the things that make food cheap are things you do not want done to your food (this is particularly true of meat). If it’s not negatively impacting the food itself, it’s probably creating a negative impact on the environment or coming from a less than desirable working environment. We like to think of the long-term and compare food to how we treat our planet – what’s cheap can be harmful in the long run (think plastics and climate change, for example). The reality of cheap food is that consumers don’t actually want it – they just like the price.

We know that money doesn’t grow on trees and as a business and a family, we want good food to be accessible to all. We do this by keeping our prices as low as possible, offering amazing bi-weekly specials and featuring bulk pricing that saves our customers money in a big way. Our goal isn’t to mark up profits as far as we can stretch them – it’s to feed Ontarians with the best beef in the country (if not the world). We’re putting Ontario beef on the map, and we’re doing it as responsibly and attainably as possible. Quality doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come cheap, but it doesn’t need to break the bank, either.

Quality, transparency and other reasons to feel good

It’s no secret that quality matters to us, but remember, there’s more to the VG Meats philosophy. We believe in supporting local food producers. We believe in treating animals and our environment with respect. We feel strongly about transparency and being honest about where our meat comes from. We are fully traceable and all of our products are raised without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Food fraud is a serious issue in this country, and not all consumers know that it’s happening to them. Don’t be lied to about where your food comes from – consumers should demand knowledge and honesty along with quality and integrity. When it’s your money, your health and your family, there’s no reason to compromise.

You’d pay for good brakes – so why not buy good food?

When you buy quality, local food from VG Meats, you can feel good about it. Not only are you getting quality meat, you’re getting meat that is ethically raised and processed here in Ontario. You can feel good about our team at the farm and in stores, and know that you’re supporting local workers as well as our economy. With all of the trade politics in the news right now, this final point is particularly important. Ontario products are good for Ontario – the province and the people! There’s no reason not to buy local, in our view.

As a friend of the VG family has said: you wouldn’t put used oil in your tank or discount brakes on your car. Why put discount meat on your plate?

Help create a shift for good

Instead of asking for cheap food, try shifting your mindset to asking for good food. If you come to VG, you’ll get it at a good price – and that’s how we create an industry where everyone wins.