Eating Well in 2019 with VG Meats

We've got your back!

January 3, 2019

As we come out of the holiday season and jump back into the busyness of work and family life, some of us are feeling better than others. You may have taken a balanced approach to Christmas indulgence or you may have lived on party food and Ferrero Rochers and wine for the past two weeks. Either way, we won’t judge – but if you’re looking to eat well in 2019, we’ve got your back!

It’s important to remember this: eating well isn’t about diets, deprivation or changing your shape. It’s about putting good food into your body so you can feel your best. After all, food is fuel – and we’ve got plenty of great options to keep you moving!

Get incredible taste from lean meats, healthy fats and more

Some customers ask us for lean meats and others focus on getting healthy, natural fats in their diet, and we can help with either. Some of our favourite options include Flank Steak, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Ground Turkey and Chicken and our delectable steaks and roasts. These are all amazing ways to add healthy protein to your meals without adding too much of what you DON’T want. They’re delicious, easy to prepare and totally versatile – cook up a turkey burger, a salad topped with flank steak, a chicken stir fry on brown rice, or spaghetti squash topped with marinara sauce made with ground beef. You might even want a big steak with a side of grilled veggies! The possibilities are endless and you’ll be able to meet a wide variety of dietary requirements.

Make delicious, healthy proteins a part of your routine

Whether you’re eating whatever what feels right for your family or following a specific eating plan like Keto, it’s easier to eat well when you have the right things on hand. Consider setting up a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly meat delivery through VG’s Farm to City program. You can order one of our customer-approved bundles or create a custom package. This way, you’ll always have a great selection of your favourite healthy meats in the fridge and freezer (and fewer excuses to order pizza)!

What are you eating?

We’d love to hear about your favourite healthy meals and share them with the rest of our customers. Please share yours in the comments on Facebook – we look forward to trying new recipes that are nutritious and delicious!