Why regenerative food is good for you

October 24, 2019

Hello VGtarians, and thanks for coming by the blog! As we continue our series on regenerative farming practices, we’d love to talk to you about regenerative food: what it is, why we feed it to our own families and why it’s good for you. If you need a refresher, please visit our previous posts in this series. There’s this one introducing the topic and this one that talks a bit about how VG Meats uses these practices. As always, we welcome your questions or comments by email or on Facebook!

What is regenerative food?

Regenerative food is a term used to describe meat and produce that has been farmed using regenerative agriculture practices. It is the result of food production that respects the land and water systems on our farm, taking deliberate measures to help these natural landscapes thrive instead of depleting them of their abundant resources. This is in addition to our commitment to treating our herd with great care and keeping our animals free of all added hormones and unnecessary antibiotics. We believe that by implementing farming practices that are sustainable as well as healthy and high quality, we are creating better food for Ontario families.

What’s so great about it?

If you’ve ever eaten a heavily processed burger AND enjoyed a patty from VG Meats, you already know the answer to this question. Our food is of exceptional quality because it’s made with exceptional care. Our land, water, herd and processing practices are a reflection of our dedication to sustainable, regenerative farming practices. Our animals have access to large, open spaces with lush grass, clean water and fresh air. We regularly move the cattle to new pastures in a system that’s designed to benefit their well-being as well as the land, as it’s given time to rest while the minerals are allowed to cycle. We’re constantly testing, analyzing and improving our methods. The result? Delicious food that was raised ethically, helps support the land we love, and tastes incredible.

Eat real food, feel real good

We’d love to hear more people talking about where their food comes from and why it matters. We know there are reasons you make the food purchasing choices you make, including what you serve your kids and how you fuel your body. When you make conscious, thoughtful choices instead of grabbing whatever is cheap and easy, your body returns the favour: better health, lots of energy and more. Your well-being is inextricably linked to food, so why not treat yourself with the care you deserve? We can certainly help you along the way.

Thanks for reading and for choosing VG Meats – and please, share this post with anyone who may find it useful!