What’s Going On at VG Meats

Behind the Scenes

August 31, 2017

It’s been a great summer for the VG Meats team, and we hope you can say the same. As one season ends and another begins, we thought it was the perfect time to fill everyone in on what’s going on behind the scenes here on the farm. There’s never a dull moment at VG – so let’s talk about what’s going on!

We’re Working On Ways to Get More VG Meats to The World

Our customers love our products, and we’re grateful for their business. While VG Meats sells online, through our Farm to City program and in our Stoney Creek store, we’re looking at ways to expand our sales methods and make it even easier to get your favourite products in hand. Our team is looking at some great spaces in southern Ontario as potential retail locations. We’re also working on a new direct-to-home package offering. Look for more details in the months to come…it’s going to be great news for customers!

We’re Supporting Our Peers

At VG Meats, we don’t just want to make sales – we want to put Ontario beef on the map. Producers in this area are doing amazing things, and instead of taking a competitive view, we’ve talking to other like-minded producers about how to promote Ontario beef together. We know that the quality of our products is amazing, but Ontario is rarely the region that comes to mind when a consumer talks about Canadian beef. We want to change that – and we will, by highlighting the best that Ontario has to offer.

We’re Continuing Our Commitment to Sustainability

We’ve talked about some of our sustainability methods before, from how we raise our chickens to how we treat our cows. But it’s not just about where we put our animals – the VG Meats farm makes use of the land by rotating crops as well as herds. This allows us to take a holistic approach to fertilization as we use compost – yes, that means poop – instead of synthetic or mined materials. Organic matter delivers nutrients and keeps moisture in the earth, ensuring that desertification of the land is avoided. It’s natural, it’s good for our animals and it’s good for our land.

We’re Doing Flavour Research

Much like there are varieties of wine, there are varieties of beef – and not just the cuts. Beef can have different flavour depending on the chemistry of the animal. The quality may be exceptional across a variety of products, but that doesn’t mean the taste is uniform. We’re working on ways of identifying and detailing flavour so our products can be categorized accordingly in a retail environment. This way, you know if you’re buying a product with intense beef flavour, high richness, or more nutty/bitter notes. Much like buying your favourite bottle of wine, you’ll be able to buy your favourite cut AND flavour of beef. This is exciting stuff, and part of our commitment to quality.

If there are questions you have or topics you’d like us to shed light on, please reach out to our team. We’re happy to provide commentary on whatever it is that interests our clients. Happy long weekend, everyone – here’s to a great fall!