What You Get When You Buy a Side of Beef

Custom Orders

November 2, 2017

If you’ve been to our Simcoe farm or our Stoney Creek retail shop, you know that we sell many different cuts of beef. They’re all delicious, and we strive to offer great quality as well as value for your money. Many customers like to buy in bulk and ask for our weekly specials or freezer bundles, but some take their savings a step farther with the ultimate VG Meats product: a side of beef.

Eat well and save big

A side of beef or half cow is exactly that – the hind and front quarters, cut and packaged to your exact specifications. You save money – roughly 15-20% off the cost of buying the same cuts individually – and it means you always have great local beef available. Your order is prepared just for you, according to your preferences. You can request the exact thickness of steak cuts, tell us how much ground beef to put into each vacuum-sealed package, the size of your favourite roast – whatever your family needs. This isn’t about selling what we have in stock – it’s about preparing an order of fresh, delicious local beef to your exact specifications.

The beef you get from a half cow order is the same exceptional beef you get in our stores – there’s just more of it, at a greater savings to you. It’s not just the cuts that can be customized to order – we’ll age the beef as long as you’d like us to, up to 60 days. (If you’ve never tried a well-aged steak, we recommend starting with 14-21 days before going any farther.) It’s like getting a meal from the best steakhouse in the world whenever you feel like it, in your own home.

Here are some of the ways we can cut your custom order:

  • Hip of beef (sub-primal)
  • Hind shank steaks (ossobuco)
  • Eye of round (roast or steaks)
  • Outside round (roast or steaks)
  • Inside round (roast, steak or beef cutlets)
  • Sirloin tip (roast or steaks)
  • Ground beef or boneless stewing beef
  • Sirloin (steaks, roast, picanna, tri-tip)
  • Short loin – beef tenderloin steak or roast (filet mignon)
  • Bone-in or boneless NY strip steaks
  • Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks
  • Flank, Bavette, or Skirt Steaks
  • Hanging rib
  • Prime Rib roast or steaks
  • Blade roast
  • Ribeye steaks
  • Tomahawk rib steaks
  • Short ribs (thin cut or thick, Korean-style for braising)
  • Flatiron steaks
  • Petite tenders
  • Chuck short ribs
  • Denver steaks
  • Brisket
  • Foreshank
  • Ground beef patties

Ask us what combinations are available based on how much beef you’re ordering – our team would be happy to guide you. Here are options for the size of your order:

  • Whole beef (two sides)
  • Side of beef (half cow)
  • Hind quarter or front quarter
  • Hip of beef
  • Loin loin (sirloin and short loin together)
  • Short loin
  • Hanging rib
  • Whole chuck (chuck, brisket and foreshank)

Orders can be divided into separate sections when ordering with friends or family. Certain items, like hanging ribs and short loins, can be whiskey-aged upon request. We offer bulk orders of chicken and pork, too – just ask!