We’re taking your Thanksgiving orders NOW!

Gobble, gobble

September 14, 2018

The switch from summer to fall happened overnight, and we’re not entirely convinced it won’t switch back to summer in a few more days. Time keeps passing no matter what the weather, and Thanksgiving weekend will be here before you know it. This year, Thanksgiving Sunday falls on October 8th – that’s a little over three weeks away!

Order your farm-fresh turkey, country ham, prime rib, roast beef and turducken!

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey for most families, but we’ve got plenty of options if you want to switch it up or simply add a second protein to your table. Can’t choose? Go with a smaller bird and add a prime rib roast, some country ham and even a turducken! Just add your favourite sides, some fresh rolls and an amazing gravy – that’s a holiday buffett your family will be talking about until Christmas!

More farm-fresh turkey options

This year, we’re giving you TWO amazing turkey options. You can purchase a fresh turkey raised by our friends at Hayter’s Farm (the same turkeys VG Meats sells every holiday season) or try our new VG pasture-raised turkeys, grown right here on our own family farm in Simcoe. Like our pasture-raised chickens, these turkeys are raised outside in the fresh air on lush, green grass. You’ll love either option!

Plan now, relax and enjoy later

Thanksgiving is a busy time, and food is central to the traditional family celebration. When you plan your meal and order early, you can relax leading up to the holiday. All that’s left is deciding who gets to cook (and who gets to do the dishes)!

One last thing…

Hungry now? We’re excited about Thanksgiving, but you’ve got plenty of dinners to cook in the meantime. Why head to the grocery store when you can have delicious, local meat delivered right to your home? VG Meats’ Farm to City program can have your favourite meat at your door in days. Delivery details, pricing and online ordering is available here. Happy shopping!