We’re just days away from pasture-raised chickens!

May 23, 2019

While many customers know us for our delicious beef, others come to VG Meats for the pasture-raised chicken. (Don’t worry, you’re allowed to love both!) This popular product is only available for part of the year and we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries in recent weeks. Well, the wait is almost over – pasture-raised chicken will be available in both VG meats retail locations in early June!

The benefits of pasture-raised

Pasture-raised chickens are cared for using the recommendations of animal welfare expert Temple Grandin. They have plenty of space to move around at will (more than the minimum recommendation, actually). They’re given fresh water and GMO-free grains every day, have access to lots of green grass and clover, and enjoy the fresh country air and sunlight. Simply put, these chickens have it made!

We do this for several reasons. For starters, we believe in farming with integrity and treating all of our animals well. This doesn’t mean meeting minimum standards for care – it means exceeding them, and coming up with new and innovative ways to improve our processes. We love having cattle out on the open field but with chicken, we had to offer something that gave them the same experience while protecting them from local predators and the weather. Our moveable pens (inspired by the work of Joel Salatin) have been a great solution. Plus, there’s the added bonus of all the compost the chickens create – it’s great for the fields!

Check out this great video

Last year, oldest brother Cory VG shared a series of video about how we do things on the family farm. Here’s a great video of Cory moving the chickens to fresh grass in the pasture.

As you can see, these are well-cared for chickens. They’re sheltered from high winds, birds of prey and other predators while having access to lush grass and clover, fresh air and natural sunlight. This process keeps the chickens free from stress and in good health. It takes more work to raise them this way, but we believe in doing things right.

When you taste our pasture-raised chicken, you’ll understand how this high level of care translates to a fantastic product. If you have any questions at all, please let us know! Pasture-raised chicken will be available for sale in Simcoe and Stoney Creek in just a few short weeks.