Watch Us Grow (and Have Your Say)!

Tell Us What You Want to See

March 16, 2018

VG Meats has been around for generations and naturally, there’s been change over the years. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, most of this change has been positive. We’ve grown to two retail locations (our original Simcoe homestead, plus the store in Stoney Creek) and have developed our Farm to City program. We’re supplying our tenderness-tested beef to some amazing restaurants, and we’re looking at new ways to get VG Meats to consumers across Ontario through our partners at Morton Food Wholesalers, 100km Foods and FreshSpoke.

Right now, VG Meats is growing in a small way that will have a big impact. We’re working on updating the Stoney Creek store with a new shelving unit that has plenty of room for the products you love. You may already be grabbing your favourite locally-made hot sauce or fresh baked buns in store, but in a few weeks, there will be room for that and more. So tell us – what do you want to see?

Tell us what you want to see at VG Meats

Local food is incredibly important to us, and we love partnering with other businesses and food producers here in Ontario. At present, we sell products from Wildly Delicious, Rootham Condiments, Pickard’s Peanuts, Dennis’ Horseradish, Jensen Cheese, Kozlik’s Mustard and more. We also carry fresh baked breads and rolls and a small selection of local produce, such as potatoes and greens. So what’s missing? You tell us!

We’d love to hear specific or general comments about what you want to see in store. Do you want more local vegetables? A specific brand of hot sauce or bottled marinade made here in Ontario? Your favourite local spice rub, or maybe a selection of local pies and other sweets? Let us know what you want, and we’ll use your feedback to fill our shelves.

VG Meats wants to make your in-store experience the best it can be, and that means making it a one-stop shop for your needs. We want customers to be able to come in and purchase a freezer full of meat when that’s the goal, but also stop by on their way home from work and grab everything they need for a delicious family dinner. We’re close, but with your feedback, we can be even better.

Have your say in the comments on Facebook or email us directly: Thanks for your support, and see you in store!