Video: Behind the Scenes at VG Meats

From Our Partners at FreshSpoke

January 11, 2018

If you’re familiar with the Van Groningen family and the VG Meats team, you’ve probably got a pretty good understanding of what our values are. We are passionate about quality, we care about the treatment of our animals and the environment, we believe in exceptional customer service and above all else, we’re a family. Our story began with our grandfather – a world-class butcher and family man – and has grown to include our parents, the four VG brothers and now, our own wives and children. We are working hard to put Ontario beef on the map as the best in the world. It’s our mission, and something we wholeheartedly believe to be true!

VG Meats and FreshSpoke

Our customers are amazing – good people who appreciate good food. They understand quality and want to know where their meat comes from. We have a fantastic clientele in Simcoe, Stoney Creek and the surrounding areas, but it’s important that we get our product out to customers across Ontario. To do this, we started our Farm to City program. Additionally, we have partnered with FreshSpoke – a great local distributor who holds the same standards and values as we do.

FreshSpoke is a local food marketplace that simplifies orders, payments and deliveries for buyers, farmers and other small scale food producers. They are based in Barrie, Ontario and are dedicated to delivering fresh, local food while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. They’re socially conscious, they care about quality and are proponents of a sharing economy that brings great food to customers through local businesses. You can learn more about FreshSpoke here, on their website. We’re so pleased to have partnered with them, and look forward to learning about more amazing local products while getting our own offering out to shops and restaurants across the province.

This video was created by FreshSpoke to help introduce VG Meats to their customers. We hope you’ll take a look, because it does a really great job of showing all four of us brothers in our roles, discussing the path leading to today as well as our hopes for the future. Thanks again to the FreshSpoke team for this great clip – enjoy!