The Countdown to Christmas Is On!

Ho Ho Ho!

December 20, 2018

We’re less than a week out from Christmas, folks, and the excitement is palpable on the VG family farm and in both of our retail locations. We’re selling holiday gift baskets, steak bundles, gift cards, your favourite holiday foods and more – so what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, please call to place your fresh turkey order or come see us in store to get your prime rib, ham, beef tenderloin and other delicious roasts. (Our online store is always open, but with Christmas only days away, you’re better off seeing us in store now if you need things for Christmas Day.)

Shop specials and save big

If you’re not sure what to buy for Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or even Christmas dinner, consider something from our in-store specials. We talked about our Striploin roast on the blog last week – a great option that’s cost-effective as well as delicious. There’s also our current freezer special, which is perfect for this time of year: prime rib steaks, a boneless rump roast, chicken breasts and some ribs. Check out all of our specials here.

Don’t forget Christmas breakfast!

You’ve got a turkey, but did you remember the bacon and eggs? We’ve got plenty of delicious breakfast meats, from our classic pork bacon to our unique beef bacon, Canadian bacon and more. Yum, yum, you’re welcome.

Stuffing secrets

It’s the perfect week to remind you of this old post, which shares some not-so-secret stuffing secrets from our customers. Did we say ‘secret’ enough times there? Shh, these tips are supposed to be a secret (ok, maybe not).

Merry Christmas from VG Meats!

The holidays are a magical time for family, friends and all who gather together. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas – we wish you a joyful, restful, wonderful holiday.