Thanksgiving Turkeys are Coming!

Pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey from VG Meats now

September 14, 2017

The sun has been shining all week here in Southern Ontario, but if you’ve been outside in the evening, you know that fall is coming. That unmistakable chill has crept into the air, and before you know it, the leaves will all have turned red, yellow and orange. While we’re sad to see summer go, fall gives us plenty to look forward to – those fall colours, the start of hockey season, and the approaching holidays. It all starts with a VG family favourite – Thanksgiving!

This year, Thanksgiving falls on Monday, October 9th – that’s less than a month away! You can pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey from VG Meats now. Simply contact us to make arrangements, and we’ll make sure we’ve got a turkey with your name on it.

VG Meats partners with like-minded Ontario farm partners to source delicious, ethically-raised turkeys. Everything we sell is local and comes from trusted farms in our area, such as Hayter’s in Dashwood, Ontario. You can pre-order your bird by size, and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up at our retail store in Stoney Creek. You can place an order for delivery to one of our Farm to City pick up hubs across Ontario. Call us to learn more!

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for many families, each with their own memories and traditions. Our family still gathers on the farm to celebrate and enjoy a homemade meal cooked by Grandma VG. We’re a huge group now – not just us sons with our parents and grandparents, but our wives and children, too. We have smaller gatherings with our own families and in-laws, but enjoy seeing our own children enjoy the same VG traditions we grew up with. We hope your family is looking forward to Thanksgiving as much as we are – don’t forget to order that turkey!