Thanksgiving life hacks from VG Meats

October 10, 2019

The holiday weekend is so close, we can smell the turkey already. It’s going to be a great Thanksgiving – food, family, and with any luck, a little time to relax. Here are some holiday hacks to make your weekend even better!

Brine your turkey

If you’ve ever had to bury a dry slice of turkey in gravy to make it go more enjoyable, this is the hack for you. Brining helps keep poultry moist, juicy and tender – and we’ve got a brining kit that makes it easy. Many chefs swear by this technique, which is simple and offers an incredible result. Call us now to reserve your kit along with your Thanksgiving turkey, or pop into our Simcoe or Stoney Creek store to grab one off the shelves! You won’t be sorry.

Offer some variety

Everyone loves turkey, but you’ll really wow your guests when you serve turkey AND a platter of tender, sliced roast beef or delicious ham. This works especially well for big families, when you’re serving a large crowd. Ham can be cooked ahead of time, sliced and reheated in the oven (just make sure it’s wrapped in foil with some moisture to prevent it from drying out). Consider roasting your turkey in the oven and a ham on the BBQ to optimize your time and kitchen space!

Prep ahead and enjoy the day

Hosting a holiday dinner is fun but very busy, and you’ll enjoy your day more if you’re not running around the whole time. Start by setting the table as soon as the turkey goes into the oven – it’s one thing to cross off your list! If you’re cooking up a lot of side dishes, consider peeling and/or chopping your veggies ahead of time. For example, if your visitors are coming mid-afternoon and you want to serve dinner around 6pm, chop everything around lunch time and place them in the individual pots you’ll be using to cook later on: carrots in one, squash in another, trimmed green beans in the casserole dish, etc. Set them aside in a cool place (the fridge or a cold garage, for example). When it’s closer to dinner time, just turn on the heat to steam/boil your veggies, season and serve. Not only will you feel organized, you’ll be able to clean up the kitchen before your guests arrive. You might even have time for a glass of wine.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and have a great weekend!