School Fundraisers: A VG Meats Success Story

January 25, 2018

VG Meats is a family business, and for a long time, the “kids” in the family were us, the four VG brothers (Chad, Cory, Kyle and Kevin Van Groningen). Nowadays, we’ve got kids of our own, many of whom attend school here in Norfolk County and the surrounding region. We’ve always cared about our community but as parents, it’s fair to say we’re particularly supportive of school-based initiatives. We see that benefits that come from school fundraising, whether it’s new equipment in the classroom, improvements to a school’s outdoor space, parent and student events, addressing food instability among families or providing healthy snacks to kids through funded programming.

School fundraisers aren’t just about adding a few dollars to the budget – in some cases, money raised from these initiatives supports critical student programming and extracurriculars, or enables schools to obtain upgrades that make a real difference in a child’s education. That’s an amazing opportunity, and we’re proud to do our part – here’s how.

VG Meats Fundraisers

We’ve got information about meat fundraisers on our website, and have written about them here, in a previous blog post. They work like most school fundraisers – orders are taken by students (with help from parents, of course) and fulfilled by VG Meats, who delivers the product to the school. It’s simple, it’s a hit with families, and the school gets 50% of all proceeds from the sale of VG Meats. That can add up to a lot of money for your school!

Meet Waterford Elementary School – over $5k raised!

Located a short drive from our family farm in Simcoe, Waterford Elementary School has just under 350 students. They’re the home of the Wildcats and use the motto, ‘It takes a community to make our school the best place it can be’. We agree, and were thrilled when they allowed us to be a part of this community by engaging in a Little VeeGees meat fundraiser last year. Students sold packs of our delicious Little VeeGees (a family favourite!) with great success and in the end, a whopping $5,000+ was raised for the school. We were just as thrilled as they were – there’s a lot a school can do with $5,000!

Get Started at Your School

Waterford isn’t our only success story – there are plenty more, and your school could be next. Ready to get fundraising? Email to learn more – we’d be more than happy to be a part of your next fundraiser.