Tell us what you care about and you could win $100 to VG Meats

August 23, 2018

August has been a fun time for the VG Meats team. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that we gave away a $50 gift card every week this month. It feels great to award these gift cards to some amazing customers…so great, in fact, that we’re going double or nothing for our last giveaway of the summer.

That’s right….this week, you could win $100 to VG Meats!

Here’s how to enter

We’ve got some questions, and you have the answers – put them together and you could win! Here’s what we want to know:

When deciding what to cook for dinner on an average weeknight, what matters to you? Please rank the following factors from most important to least important.

  1. Time (how long it takes to prep/cook)
  2. Health (is it nutritious?)
  3. Clean Up (one pot vs many dishes)
  4. Convenience (is it easy to prep/cook?)
  5. Taste (your individual or family food preferences)

To enter, go to this post on Facebook and tell us what YOU think about when deciding what to cook for dinner. You can share your ranking by listing numbers or words (for example, “1,3,5,2,4” or “Health, Taste, Time, Convenience, Clean Up”). Either format is acceptable and counts as one entry.

That’s all it takes! Once you’ve shared your ranking in the comments, you’re entered in a draw to win. Thanks for playing along all month – we truly have the best, most engaged customers around and we are truly grateful for it. Have a great weekend – we’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, August 28th at 4pm.