New Year’s Resolutions with VG Meats

Happy New Year, everyone!

January 4, 2018

2018 is here and as expected, many of us are making resolutions. There are the usual promises to break bad habits and create good ones, plus the more personal goals we all dream of and strive toward. Maybe you want to spend less time on your phone, create better sleep or money habits, write a novel or keep a gratitude journal. We’re all looking to be our best selves, and that’s always a good thing!

If you haven’t come up with any resolutions yet or want to add to your list, we’ve got some great ideas. Here are four ways that VG Meats can be a part of your best 2018 – and it starts now!

Resolution #1: Support Small Business

Buying from a small business feels good – and why wouldn’t it? When you support small businesses in your community, you’re helping the local economy thrive and grow. You’re helping hardworking, entrepreneurial individuals and families succeed. You are buying from a real person – not a faceless corporation – and building genuine relationships. Small businesses shape communities because they truly care about the customers they serve. After all – our team is made up of your neighbours and friends. VG Meats employees dozens of local staff and has a values-based approach to business. As a multigenerational family farm, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional product, amazing service and great value. We’re proud to serve Norfolk County, Haldimand Region, Hamilton, Halton and other Ontario communities. Small business matters – come be a part of it!

Resolution #2: Buy Local, Ethical Food

This one is so simple, it hardly needs explanation. Would you rather buy delicious, high quality beef that was raised locally in ethical conditions on a family farm, or generic packaged beef that could have come from anywhere? Do you want food that was grown and processed in your region, or mystery products that traveled across the country (or even farther) before hitting the shelf? Our meat is raised on our farm in Simcoe and by Southern Ontario farming friends and processed by our family farm. Additionally, our retail locations sell local products from Picard’s Peanuts, Wildly Delicious, Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard, Manning’s Canning, Rotham’s Gourmet, Dennis’ Horseradish and more. Buying local has never been more delicious!

Resolution #3: Eat Healthy (and delicious)

Eating healthy shouldn’t be about diets or deprivation – it’s about treating your body well by fuelling it with wholesome, healthy choices. VG Meats offers a huge selection of lean proteins that taste amazing. Our chicken breasts are a great base for any healthy meal, and our flank steaks are a great way to treat yourself without the guilt. Come on into our Simcoe or Stoney Creek retail shops and ask a VG butcher about the best lean cuts to suit your preferences! Our staff really know their stuff and are always happy to help.

Resolution #4: Shop Smart and Save

If your New Year’s resolution is to spend less and save more, we’ve got you covered. Our featured specials offer a wide variety of beef, chicken and pork products at amazing prices, and our freezer bundles let you buy in bulk to save big. Additionally, you can order a side of beef (or a hip, if you need less) to take advantage of both bulk pricing and custom cuts. No matter what your family needs, we’ve got a way to get great food at a great price. If you’re not sure where to start, just give us a call or visit us in store! We’ll help you out.

These resolutions are ones you can actually keep, and they’ll have a positive impact in your everyday life. Of course, you could also resolve to try our incredible Tomahawk Steak, cook the perfect Prime Rib or make the perfect BBQ Pork Ribs…we’d support those goals as well! Happy New Year, everyone – cheers to an amazing 2018 for all!