Mother’s Day ideas from VG Meats

May 2, 2019

May is here and that means Mother’s Day is just around the corner. (In case you haven’t looked at the calendar recently, this year it falls on Sunday, May 12th – just over a week from now. Don’t forget!!)

Moms are truly the backbone of society, and they deserve this special day. Whether you’re celebrating your own mother, your wife or another special mom in your life, you want to do it right. Looking for some gift-giving inspiration? Don’t worry – we know moms, and we’ve got some great ideas.

Cook her a nice meal

How many meals has your mother cooked for you over the years? We’re not just talking about family dinners – the woman probably offered you your first foods, made thousands of school lunches over the years and hosted dozens of holidays. We’re willing to bet she’s made a LOT of meals for her family. So, return the favour. Head over to VG Meats in Simcoe or Stoney Creek or visit our online store at Order your mom’s favourite steak, chicken or pork product, grab some of our amazing ready-to-serve side dishes or make your own – our Stoney Creek store sells fresh Ontario produce, bakery-fresh dinner rolls and more! Just add dessert and you’re all set.

Fill up her freezer

If your mom is the practical type or someone who loves to cook, consider gifting her with one of our Farm to City bundles. She can fill up her freezer and enjoy great BBQs all summer long! There’s our Grill Master bundle, the Family Variety Pack, the Poultry Bundle, the Steak Club and more! We’ve also got freezer bundles and steak bundles to choose from. All of these great options are available with home delivery to over 55 locations across Southern Ontario – or, pick one up in store and add a nice bow!

We can also help you select some great specialty items if you’d like to make a gift basket. Just call or ask someone in store for help!

Add a special touch

Meat is OUR favourite gift, but your mom might want a little something extra to complement these amazing meals. Fresh flowers, a heartfelt card, a voucher for a pedicure or facial at her favourite spa – think of what makes her feel good and make it happen. It’s her special day, after all!

We’ve got some amazing specials coming up ahead of Mother’s Day – be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop!