More Whiskey Aging Secrets

Why We Use (And Love) 40 Creek

May 3, 2018

Living in Ontario means having access to amazing local meat, produce, wine, beer and spirits – something we feel passionate about and don’t take for granted. When it comes to making our whiskey-aged beef, we definitely have a favourite bottle to pour from: 40 Creek Barrel Select. Not only is this whiskey rich, flavourful and smooth, it’s distilled in nearby Grimsby, Ontario. Eating local and drinking local come together when we whiskey-age our beef, and the results are incredible. What more could any VG-tarian want?

Choose a favourite

Our go-to beef aging whiskey is the Barrel Select because of its rich aromatics (oak, black walnut, honey, vanilla, apricot and spice) as well as its rich flavour and smooth finish. It’s a high quality product that drinks well and complements aged beef even better. That said, it’s not the only option. Forty Creek also carries a darker, full-bodied Copper Pot whiskey and the bold, honey-spiced Spike blend. Try the deep amber Double Barrel Reserve with its caramel and nutty notes, or treat yourself with Forty Creek’s impressive Confederation Oak Reserve – an incredible whiskey with layers of fruit, nut and spice notes, and several limited edition options. Pick your poison, and we can create the whiskey-aged steak or prime rib of your dreams!

Keeping it local

With all the Canadian and international whiskey options out there, is it any surprise we stayed close to home? If you know VG Meats, it shouldn’t be. It was important that we work with a local product that reflects our passion for producing food and beverages here in Ontario. There’s a reason we sell Ontario produce and locally-made condiments in our stores, and work with companies like 100 km Foods and FreshSpoke – we love the local food economy and are proud to be a part of it. That means supporting other producers, whether they raise chickens or make mustard or brew beer…or, distill delicious whiskey. Of course, quality is critical – we wouldn’t work with someone JUST because they’re local – but the combination of a great product and regional compatibility makes this just the right fit.

Taste it yourself

VG Meats whiskey-aged beef is being served at The Combine Restaurant in Simcoe for a limited time – call them to make your reservation! If you’d like to cook up some whiskey-aged beef at home, now’s a great time to order. We’re offering 10% off all orders of aged beef (traditional or whiskey-aged) until May 31, 2018. Use the code #SocialBeef to claim your discount and enjoy!