Meet Our Sustainable Steak Burger

A Savoury, Hearty Burger That Everyone Will Love

February 22, 2018

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that the VG team loves meat. After all, it’s what we do – our passion, our family commitment and our life’s work. We’re working hard to put Ontario beef on the map, and with the support of our amazing customers, we feel that we’re well on our way.

So why, then, if we love Ontario beef so much, are we making a burger with less meat? Don’t worry – we can explain.

A love of good food, a love for our planet

The University of Guelph has been working on an initiative to serve more plant-based foods on campus, and while a beef producer may not be the first partner that comes to mind, it makes sense. We have a longstanding relationship with U of G – Cory and Kevin VG are alumni and they are a critical part of our Tenderness Testing program. They’re supporters of agriculture and Ontario food producers, and we’re proud to support them. So when the U of G team wants to work together on something awesome, we’re all for it!

VG Meats developed a sustainable steak burger that is made with 28% Ontario mushroom stems. Not only is this burger delicious, it actually helps reduce food waste by using all parts of the mushroom to create a savoury, hearty burger that everyone will love. It’s got all of the beef flavour you need from a burger with the added richness of mushroom – an incredible combination that is great for the palate as well as the planet.

Eating a diet that’s rich in plant-based foods doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating meat altogether. There are great ways to add sustainability to your table, from making meal choices that involve plants as well as meat, and choosing meat that’s sustainably raised. VG Meats is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and treating our plants and animals with great respect. From our chickens to our cows, our animals roam in pastures on our family farm. At every level, we use ethical farming methods that our customers can feel good about.

If you aren’t at the University of Guelph to try a burger on campus, you can get our Portabello Steak Mushroom Burger in store. They’re great on the BBQ or stovetop (with or without cheese) and make a satisfying meal any day of the week. Shop online or in store – or, visit a friend at the University of Guelph and try our Sustainable Mushroom Burger on campus!