Meat Fundraisers? You Bet!

May 10, 2016

After many requests from hungry Moms, Dads and teachers, club leaders, charities and sports teams, VG Meats is excited to announce our newly launched Meat Fundraising program!

We work with your organization to help your members raise money, just like any other fundraiser, except you get to raise funds by selling local, delicious meat.

If you’re going to buy groceries anyways (especially for your hungry kids!) why not save money and support your children’s school, club, charity or sports team at the same time?

VG Meats is a family owned and operated company of beef farmers. We operate our own small beef farms and work with other local farmers to sell you and your family the best possible meat that you can trust. From steaks to ground patties, chicken breasts to bacon, we’ve got everything you need to fill your freezer, support your organization and eat deliciously.


The idea is simple: instead of an organization selling chocolate bars or wrapping paper, the organization takes orders for meat from our list and collects the money over a selected period of time. VG Meats would receive the order, put the orders together, either bring our delivery truck to a selected location, or have individual sellers come into our retail store at their leisure and distribute their orders when they can. We would then would donate back 10% of the total bill to the organization.

To learn more about how you can start a meat fundraiser, email today!

You help your group, you support local food in your community and you get to eat deliciously. We call that a #meatwin.