Let’s all eat real food!

July 8, 2019

Food is many things – nourishment and fuel for our bodies, something we enjoy and take pleasure in sharing with others, an art, a necessity and sometimes, a treat. At VG Meats, we are passionate about producing food that is ethical, sustainable, high quality and delicious. It’s got to be good, and it’s got to be real – not something that can sit on a shelf for months on end or has more ingredients than you can count.

With so many heavily processed food products on the market, we are more than ever about making real food for families. That means providing exceptional proteins such as our beef, chicken and pork products. We also make a point to work with like-minded local makers to provide you with great locally-made cheese, condiments, baked goods and produce.

Simple is good

A great meal doesn’t have to be complicated. When you season a nice piece of our pasture-raised chicken and grill it on the BBQ, you know exactly what you’re consuming. It’s local, it’s healthy and you know it was produced with integrity. The same goes for the local produce we sell in our Stoney Creek store – it’s all grown right here in Ontario. There are no unpleasant surprises when you buy simple, wholesome ingredients and combine them to make simple meals. Plus, the taste is amazing! Why eat something full of chemicals and artificial flavours when real food is so incredible?

A salad and a steak is a perfect meal that takes very little time and effort. Similarly, a piece of chicken or pork chop with vegetables on the side is easy to prepare and full of goodness your body needs to thrive. “Easy” has turned into “artificial” in recent years, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Truly, it’s just about shifting your mindset – real food can be easy, too. It’s all about making the right choices and being conscious about what you put into your body.

Say no to fake food and yes to real meals

A busy lifestyle often leads us to buying quick and easy meals that are heavily processed in order to be cheap and convenient. We definitely understand the need for something quick that requires little time and effort, but there’s a better way – and you can find it in our Simcoe or Stoney Creek stores. Our team makes fresh entrees and side dishes throughout the week so there’s always something delicious in our refrigerated counter. Sometimes it’s a stir fry or meat loaf, other days it’s prime rib. We’ve often got cooked potatoes and vegetables ready to heat and serve – just as easy as a frozen dinner, but without all of the garbage. This is real food, made for you and ready whenever you want it. And yes, we have frozen stuff too – but again, it’s real food prepared in our homestyle kitchen and frozen for your convenience. Try our lasagna, pulled pork and more! Or, simply open up your BBQ, throw on some steaks and serve them beside a simple salad or our famous twice-baked potatoes. It takes less than 20 minutes and will leave you nourished and satisfied. Trust me, your family won’t be missing those processed chicken nuggets or fish sticks!

Eat well and feel great

Whether you’re feeding a family, eating as a couple or on your own, you deserve delicious food that nourishes your body. We’ve got everything you need in store, and plenty of selection online at vgfarmtocity.ca. Join us in our mission to get real food on every table in Ontario – and come back next week, when we’ve got something special for our readers. (Hint: you might win a little something that helps you out.)