It’s turkey time at VG Meats!

December 5, 2019

Christmas is coming and while you’re out shopping for gifts and getting ready for all of those holiday parties, another more pressing issue is at hand: it’s turkey time!

That’s right – it’s time to order your holiday turkey from VG Meats. After all, it’s the focal point of the biggest meal of the holiday season – that’s sort of a big deal! By ordering early, you’ll ensure that you get the turkey you want. The right size, your preferred kind, or – if you’re not into turkey – another delicious option like prime rib or pork tenderloin. Yum!

Something for everybody

Turkey is a holiday classic but every family celebrates the holidays differently, and we’ve got plenty of options. Our prime rib is popular and goes beautifully with locally made horseradish (we have some great stuff in store, including several varieties of Dennis’ Horseradish). We’ve also got beef tenderloin and roast beef options – just get those Yorkshire puddings ready, because our beef makes incredible gravy. (If you eat turkey on Christmas Day, beef is an excellent choice for Christmas Eve gatherings.)

If you like ham, we’ve got bone-in, boneless and sugar-cured options. Is pork more your thing? Try our delectable tenderloin roast – it’s truly unforgettable and makes a great holiday dish. You can order any of these dishes in store or by phone, and many holiday options are available online at We’ll even deliver it to your door, if you live in one of our 55+ delivery zones!

Introducing more turkey options to choose from

This year, we’ve got two types of turkey available at VG Meats. Our premium turkeys are raised locally on a farm in Listowel, Ontario belonging to friends of VG Meats. These turkeys are never given hormones or antibiotics, and never given any animal byproducts in their feed. They are free range. Premium turkeys are available in the size range of 6-8kg and cost $4.95/lb. Trust us – they’re exceptional!

Our usual turkeys from Hayter’s Farm are also available and awesome, which is why we’ve worked with them for so many years. These turkeys are also free range and come in a variety of sizes (5-7kg, 7-9kg, 9-11kg and 11+kg). They cost $3.29/lb and like our premium turkeys, they’re a high quality local product that you’ll be proud to serve on Christmas Day.

Please note that turkeys cannot be ordered online and are excluded from home delivery because of their widely varying weight and sizes.

Call now to order your holiday favourites

If you’re ready to place your order, call us at (519) 426-2000 in Simcoe or (905) 664-2020 in Stoney Creek. You can also order gift baskets and delicious prepared foods from our catering menu, from roast beef to sides and more. Be sure to tell us what your holiday shopping needs are when you call or visit, and we’ll help you out.