It’s time to talk aged beef

March 29, 2019

We talked about Easter on last week’s blog but here we are again, popping in with another holiday food reminder. Don’t mind us – we’re just making sure you’re all set for all of the important dates ahead!

Easter is just over three weeks away and we’re taking orders for prime rib, turkey, ham and more – just let us know what you need. But once April is gone, May is here…and with that comes the start of long weekends, family bbqs and cottage season. So what will you be eating on May 24? We have a suggestion…

Aged. Beef.

In your house, at the cottage, just you and that special someone or with all of your friends. No matter what you’re doing or where, aged beef is how you kick off the season with a bang. It takes a little foresight, but it’s worth it – trust us. Your mouth (and your friends) will thank you.

It’s like they always say…you regret 100% of the aged beef orders you DON’T place.

So many options, so much delicious

Our aged beef is tender, juicy and flavourful – the holy trifecta of meat. We can age just about anything – steaks, prime rib, even our delectable Tomahawks – and we can do it for as long as you ask us to. Our team can provide a traditional dry age or a rich whiskey-aged cut upon request.

The longer we age your meat, the funkier the flavour. Some aged beef aficionados ask us to age their cuts for as long as 90 days, but 40 or so is a nice place to start. A 60 day age is a nice sweet spot for many people – just tell us what sort of flavour you’re after and we can help you decide. (Or, look at your summer calendar and figure out what you want to order and when – a 60 day aged beef is never a bad idea for Canada Day, but that means getting it in the cooler by late April!)

If you’re looking ahead to Victoria Day weekend, there’s still time to get a nice 45+ day age on just about anything you order now. Our cooler is ready when you are!

This is how we do it

We’ve talked about our traditional dry aging and whiskey-aging processes before, in this blog post. If you have any questions, please let us know! Our butchers are always pleased to share their knowledge and recommendations.

We’re offering 10% off all aged beef orders placed by April 14, 2019! If you’re ready to place your order, please drop by our Simcoe or Stoney Creek retail locations or give us a call:

Simcoe:  (519) 426-2000
Stoney Creek: (905) 664-2020