Introducing VG Meats’ Home Grown Pasture-Raised Chicken

June 24, 2016

Producing delicious quality meat is what we do best. We are born and raised 3rd generation cattle farmers and butchers and we are now raising pastured poultry on our farms. Our chicken is locally raised, sustainably farmed, fed GMO-free feed and are raised on pasture with sunlight and fresh grass.chickengrass copy

What is Pastured Poultry?

Pastured poultry is how we describe our method for raising our chickens.  We pick up day old chicks from a local hatchery, which are brooded in small groups indoors in a warm environment until they grow feathers and are able to live outdoors.  They live outdoors in floorless shelters out on pasture (think move-able chicken homes), housing small flocks which are moved daily to fresh pasture and have continual access to fresh air, sunlight, water, grass and feed.   By being moved daily to a fresh pasture paddock, our chickens receive fresh air, exercise, and sunshine, in addition to unlimited GMO-free grain.

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Sustainably Farmed:

We strive to farm sustainably and be good stewards of our land and livestock.   We allow our cows to graze several days ahead of the chickens  in order to maintain a fresh, vigorous, healthy pasture for the birds to forage on.  The chickens add nutrients directly to the growing grass which promotes more vigorous growth without the addition of commercial fertilizers.  We also strive to provide consumers by offering locally raised chicken for purchase.  By providing more local options consumers are able to support a vibrant and strong rural economy.  IMG_20160602_094457 (1)

Seasonal Availability:

In Ontario, the ability to raise pastured poultry is dependent on the season and having access to fresh grass. We will be able to provide fresh poultry throughout the warmer months and offer frozen pastured poultry through the winter.tractorsfarm copy

Never Fed Antibiotics:

With the help of nutritionists, we balance the feed to ensure good animal health and welfare without the need for antibiotics. Antibiotics are given only when necessary to treat a sick animal. We believe this is the right thing to do. The animal lives through the withdrawal period to ensure there are no antibiotics in the meat when it reaches your table.

Want to try some?

Come by either of our stores and ask our staff for our Pasture-Raised Chicken. We are happy to serve you and to feed you and your family with the very best in local meat.raw chicken

Happy MEATing!