How to make an amazing charcuterie board with VG Meats

October 19, 2018

Charcuterie boards always always a hit. They’re look amazing, they’re packed with delicious bites to try and combine, and they encourage people to gather around the table together – and, they’re easy to make! Add a few bottles of wine and you’re set – the perfect plate to share before dinner or over afternoon drinks.

Here’s how you make a charcuterie board that will impress any guest.

Start with the meat

The word charcuterie actually refers to cured meat, which is the basis for any great charcuterie platter. Start with some prosciutto and your favourite salamis, like sopressata, coppa di parma or genoa. Consider adding some chorizo or even a pile of Little VGs pepperettes (popular with kids and adults alike). Pate is another great addition and adds variety. The possibilities are endless!

Be choosy about your cheese

It’s best to serve a variety of flavours and textures, from hard to soft and mild to bold. We love sharp, aged cheddar cheeses, rich brie, pungent blue cheese and other classics. You can add goat cheese (great with red pepper jelly or pecans and honey). Remember, VG Meats sells a variety of Jenson Cheese products right here in store!

Special touches

You’ll need some artisan crackers or breadsticks to complete the plate. High quality pickles and olives are a great add-on (you can even include an olive tapenade in a small dish). Some people like to add almonds or other nuts in small dishes, and condiments are an absolute must. Start with some local honey, grainy mustard, red pepper jelly, fig spread and other preserves. We’ve got a great selection of local products in store to get you started!

Get fresh

If you’ve got room for more, try adding some red or green grapes (just leave them on the vine in bunches) or fresh figs that have been sliced in half. Blueberries are another great way to add a pop of freshness and sweetness to offset the more salty meats and cheese.

Looks matter

Your charcuterie board will definitely taste amazing, but it should look great, too. Take time to roll or fan out slices of meat, group the cheese and spreads nicely, and add sprigs of fresh rosemary or even some edible flowers. You can keep it rustic or make the board look like something out of a magazine – whatever works best for your event.

We’d be happy to help you create an unforgettable charcuterie board. Speak to a VG team member for more recommendations – we can help fill your basket with everything you need!