How Do You Make Home Delivery From VG Meats Even More Convenient?

Bundle Up and Subscribe to It!

September 20, 2018

We introduced our new-and-improved Farm to City program a few weeks ago and wow, you guys are into it. We are so excited to be offering home delivery to locations across Southern Ontario, and even more thrilled that customers are happy with the service they’ve received. Please, continue to send us your feedback – compliments are great, but we’re always happy to hear suggestions for improvement, too! It’s how we continue to serve you better.

We know how busy our customers are, and home delivery takes one thing off their plate (while putting more delicious things on it). Convenience is key, and we’re giving you just that – now, let’s take it to another level. Meat bundles are here, and they’re awesome!

It’s all about the bundles

If you want to save even more time and money, you’ve got to check out our meat bundles. We’ve got options for grill masters, poultry fans, beef lovers, small or large families and more. They come in different sizes and price points, so there’s truly something for everyone. A full list of bundles is available here – have yours delivered or pick it up in store!

Shop, subscribe and enjoy

What makes a bundle even better? When it’s delivered to your door every month (or every week, if needed) without having to place a new order every time. That’s right – you can subscribe to our cost-saving bundles or create your own custom subscription order through our website. Simply fill your cart and click “subscribe” instead of “one time purchase” when checking out. This works with bundles as well as custom orders. You’ll be able to select from weekly or monthly delivery (or in-store pick up) and can always add to your order as needed. It’s that easy!

We’ll prepare and deliver your order as directed for as long as you want us to. There’s no contract or commitment, and you can always add to your order as needed. Remember: there is a shipping discount on orders over $100 and discounts on bulk items (such as our 10lb boxes of chicken breasts or ground beef). With so many ways to save, you’ll wonder how you ever bought meat any other way.

Go ahead – order now!

If you haven’t discovered Farm to City yet, please read this post and check here to find out if your region is on our current delivery list. If it’s not, let us know – we’ll do our best to accommodate you now or in future, as we expand our delivery zones. All bundles are available for one-time purchase as well as via subscription.

Ready to order? Click the button below to get started, and simply call or message us if you have questions. Happy shopping (and eating)!

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