Happy Father’s Day from VG Meats

June 14, 2019

When you grow up in a family business, you get to know your parents as more than just “Mom and Dad”. Us four VG brothers (Cory, Kyle, Chad and Kevin) were fortunate to see Mom and Dad VG not only as our loving parents but as our teachers and role models. They taught us everything we know about life, love and business – and because it’s Father’s Day this weekend, we want to take a moment and celebrate our dad.

A butcher and his sons

Our dad grew up as the son of a butcher (our amazing Grandpa VG, who started it all). He’s a good man who quickly developed a strong work ethic and a keen business sense. When he started a family of his own, he ended up with us – four boys – and suffice it to say, things were busy at home.

Dad always managed to make time for us and be a fantastic father despite the demands of work. In order to focus on both family and the farm/butcher shop, dad taught us the trade early. We spent countless hours learning how to tend to cattle, run a butcher shop and lead a successful team. He showed us how to take care of employees, customers and above all us, family. We wouldn’t be the men we are today without his example, and we’re grateful for that.

Happy Father’s Day

When you’ve got a great dad, that’s worth celebrating – and the VG family is happy to celebrate this Sunday. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift for your own father (or grandpa or husband – any dad will do!), consider some of the options we outlined in last week’s post. Or, come by the store and we’ll help you out! Our team is always full of great ideas.

Happy Father’s Day to our father, our grandfather, and also to each other (we’re all fathers now, too). And to all of our customers out there being awesome dads to their own families – we celebrate YOU! Have a great weekend.