Great news for steak lovers

Introducing our brand new steak bundles!

November 29, 2018

Our customers love a good deal, and we’re always striving to give them something new and exciting. VG Meats has some fantastic bundles available in store or through our Farm to City home delivery service – many of you have ordered The Grill Master, The Family Variety Pack or The All Poultry Bundle. We even have a popular Steak Club bundle for the steak lovers. Each of these are delicious and offering amazing value to our customers, but we had customers asking for something really special for the steak lovers – a series of all-steak variety bundles to expand on what’s been offered before and really give you the full steak lover’s experience.

Well, we listened…and here they are!

Choose your own (steak) adventure

We’ve got four brand new steak bundles plus two extra-special aged beef bundles for you to choose from – here’s the rundown:

Steak Bundle #1: Old Faves, New Classics

You know and love our New York Strip Loin and Sirloin steaks, but what else is out there? Enjoy the classics and meet your new favourite, the Delmonico steak – it’s a versatile boneless ribeye with amazing tenderness and flavour. Click here to learn more and see exactly what’s in this bundle.

Steak Bundle #2: Chef’s Choice

A mix of familiar and new cuts that any home chef will love. From our delectable Ribeye to our drool-worthy Bacon-wrapped Tenderloin cuts, you’ll be able to cook up a pair of delicious, restaurant-worthy steaks every Saturday night for a month. Click here to learn more!

Steak Bundle #3: VG Bestsellers

Think of this package as the cool kids in town – a few of our most popular cuts, all bundled up and ready to go. Our Prime Rib and Porterhouse steaks are always a hit and if you haven’t tried our Baseball Sirloin yet…well, this is the bundle for you.

Steak Bundle #4: The Steakhouse Experience

For when you really, really love steak and you know how to cook it just right. This is our top-of-the-line steak bundle featuring an incredible 60 Day Aged T-Bone and our famous Tomahawk steak. What more could you want? Click here to see what’s included.

Specialty Bundles:

If you love our delectable aged beef, you’re not alone – and we’ve got two great aged beef bundles to choose from. Check out the Specialty Steak Sampler and the 60 Day Aged Bundle.

When you love steak this much, you’ve gotta bundle. It’s not just about trying new things – you’ll get our best value, too. Each package offers a variety of cuts for your enjoyment, so cook up your favourites or discover something new and delicious.

Give the best gift ever – steak

More cuts, more variety, more savings – that’s some serious steak-buying power! You can buy individual bundles as needed or subscribe to our steak bundles for four months at a time. In the latter option, you’ll get a different bundle every month for four months: Old Faves and New Classics, Chef’s Choice, VG Bestsellers and The Steakhouse Experience.

Bundles and bundle subscriptions are available as a gift and can be delivered directly to your door. To learn more, please call or message us – or, shop online right now.