Gift Baskets You’ll Actually Love

Here Are Some Options

November 30, 2017

‘Tis the season for giving, and we’ve got some great ideas. What do you get that friend, relative, colleague or client that you want to really impress? You can go all out with a special order of our whiskey-aged beef, or maybe give that special someone a VG Meats gift card for use at our Simcoe or Stoney Creek locations. Or how about a gift basket?

In general, purchasing a gift basket can be hit-and-miss – sometimes they’re amazing and other times, you realize that you’ve spent a bunch of money on a package that’s full of styrofoam peanuts or shredded paper. That cool thing at the top of the basket? Yeah, that was the ONLY good thing in there.

But not at VG Meats. Our gift baskets are amazing, perfect for the Christmas season, and great value for your money. You always know exactly what you’re getting, and it’s always good. Here are some options – you can start crossing people off your list right now!

The Man Cave Survival Kit

Man (and/or woman), meet the Tomahawk Steak – the star of our Man Cave Survival Kit. Available in two sizes, this is the ultimate meal for those who just want a giant hunk of incredible, flavourful, tender beef. It comes with salt and butter and nothing else, because truly, that’s all you need. This gift ALWAYS gets a great reaction!

The Breakfast Club

Maybe you’re the Judd Nelson type, or perhaps Molly Ringwald is your kind of girl. A lot of us are more like Ally Sheedy or Anthony Michael Hall, realistically, but we all love the Breakfast Club gift basket. Enjoy plenty of bacon and ham alongside other breakfast favourites like pancake mix and local maple syrup. We’ve even included chocolate chips for your pancakes, plus jam, coffee and tea. What more could you need?

Meaty Meatlovers Meatfest Basket

It’s meat, meat and more meat in this basket. If you’re looking for salad, you’re going to be disappointed – but if you love some good protein, we’ve got you covered. There’s smoked sausage, two types of bacon, sausage, ham, pepperoni and more, all in a reusable VG Meats cooler bag.

Toast the Host Basket

If you’re headed to a holiday party with family or friends, you’ve got to remember a fantastic hostess gift. Wine is nice, but realistically, your host is going to get enough of that to last until next Christmas. So what else can you bring? Well, there’s our Toast the Host gift basket. It’s full of our favourite smoked meats, tasty crackers and delicious, local cheddar from Jensen Cheese. Available in two sizes for your convenience!

Make Your Own

Need something custom for yourself or a friend? Is it your dream to give someone a basket full of steaks, or maybe some locally-made condiments and treats? We can do that, too. Contact us for details!