Family Day Ideas From VG Meats

Enjoy the Long Weekend!

February 14, 2019

With all of this ice blanketing Southern Ontario and a handful of snow days in recent memory, you might be running out of ideas for entertaining the family this winter. Sure, board games are great, but eventually you’ll need something else to keep busy. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Family Day is this Monday, February 18th – here are our ideas for having a good time with your loved ones, no matter the weather.

Accept the snow and have fun with it

Tobogganing, building a snow fort, skiing or snowboarding, winter hiking, even snowshoeing at one of the many local conservation areas – these are all great ways to spend a snowy winter’s day. If you have a deck with stairs leading to your backyard, try building a child-sized sled track. Buy or make some hot chocolate for everyone and then cook up your family’s favourite comfort food for dinner – a meatloaf or shepherd’s pie is always well-received, and tacos are never a bad idea. We’ve got great in-store specials right now, too, if your family would enjoy a roast or some a delicious steak!

Bring the outdoors in

Wait, what? Why on earth would you want to bring the cold and snow INSIDE YOUR HOME? Well, trust us…if you have younger kids, this is a great idea. Grab a large tupperware container, bucket or bowl and fill it with fluffy, white snow (freshly fallen is best). Bring it inside to the kitchen table, get your kids to put on their mittens and have at it! They’ll have a great time building miniature snowmen, snow forts for their figurines, igloos and more. Consider giving them some watered-down food colouring and eye droppers (or straws, even) to “tie-dye” the snow. You can even make snow ice cream or maple sugar pops, if you’ve got some nice clean snow to work with!

Cook together

Many families will gather together for dinner on Family Day, but you can take things a step farther by preparing your meal as a family. This works whether extended family is coming over or it’s just a couple of parents and kids (or even a couple). Whatever your family looks like, get planning that menu now – our retail locations are both open on Saturday, so there’s plenty of time to shop for what you need.

Kids will love making homemade meatballs, pizza or burgers. More advanced cooks might want to spend some time cooking up a true family feast. Try a beef or pork tenderloin roast, slow-roasted prime rib or even Osso Buco. If you need some ideas or cooking suggestions, ask our butchers – they’re always happy to help.

Happy Family Day, everyone!

This year, the Van Groningen family is keeping Family Day low key – we’ll be tending to our animals, keeping things running over at the farm and having a nice meal together. What are you doing to celebrate and enjoy your time off? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

Our retail stores will be closed on Monday, February 18th. We’ll be back to our regular schedule on Tuesday, but remember – you can order online anytime at!