Classic Easter dinner ideas – with a twist!

Oh, so delicious!

April 4, 2019

Every family has a favourite Easter dinner – their own ‘classic’ that finds its way onto the table each year. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like but sometimes, it’s fun to upgrade your meal or add a delicious twist. Here are some ideas to get your started – and remember, if you haven’t ordered your turkey, ham or roast yet, now’s the time! Just give us a call in Simcoe (519-426-2000) or Stoney Creek (905) 664-2020).

Ham, scalloped potatoes and green beans

If your favourite Easter meal is a nice ham, you’re likely serving it with scalloped potatoes and your favourite vegetables. Green beans are a popular side with ham, and for good reason – they pair well and add a great, fresh bite to your plate. Add a salad and some fresh rolls and you’re good to go! But what if you want to switch things up a bit?

Instead of your usual steamed green beans, try these garlicky green beans with pine nuts or these tasty green beans with bacon vinaigrette. Both options are a great spin on a classic side. Plus, you know where to get your bacon!

Or, if you’re getting tired of scalloped potatoes, make this delicious baked mac n’ cheese instead. It pairs well with ham and veggies, and is the perfect comfort food for a holiday meal. Yum!

Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn

A lot of families pair their turkey dinner with corn because it’s a nice, sweet, easy and widely liked side dish (especially with young kids). Plus, we all know that corn and mashed potatoes is a classic combination! There’s nothing wrong with this, but to upgrade your turkey dinner, add some roasted heirloom carrots.

These multi-coloured carrots are delicious and add a great pop of colour to your plate. We often have them on the produce shelf in our Stoney Creek store, so call us to inquire about what’s available or drop by!

Roast beef with potatoes and Yorkshire pudding

A roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding is always a good idea, but there’s a very simple upgrade that never fails to impress: Prime Rib. It’s rich, it’s SO tender, and the beef flavour is hard to beat. Serve it with a delicious au jus or gravy, your favourite potato and some roasted butternut squash. Are you hungry yet? We are!

Thanks for reading, and remember to call and place those Easter orders soon or shop online.