Christmas meal tips from VG Meats

December 19, 2019

The holidays aren’t just coming – they’re here, right now, with only days to go before the big man arrives on his sled. While we can’t wait to see our friends and family open their presents (and receive a few ourselves, maybe), there’s something else on our minds: all of the food we’ll be cooking and serving over the next week!

It doesn’t need to be complicated to be delicious. Here are some holiday meal tips from your friends at VG Meats.

Christmas morning done right

Christmas morning should be easy, and it can be. Just grab a few packages of your favourite breakfast meat – our coffee-rubbed cowboy bacon, some tasty ham or yummy peameal bacon) and you’re well on your way. Bacon and eggs never fails, but we recommend preparing a hearty breakfast casserole the night before so you can pop it in the oven while your family opens gifts. Here are some great recipes: a hearty breakfast strata, a classic wife-saver casserole or a french toast bake (just add a side of bacon). Don’t forget a good pot of coffee!

The big event – dinner!

To make things easy at dinnertime, prep your fresh turkey early in the day. Then, prep your vegetables and other side dishes by cleaning and chopping the produce, then putting everything into the pots (or pans) that will be used to cook them later on. You can cover each pot with a lid or saran wrap and place them in the refrigerator or a cold room. At this point, you can go relax and enjoy family time (or hide in the basement if you’re getting TOO MUCH family time – we don’t judge). Later, when the dinner hour is approaching, your work will be halfway done! You can also make salads ahead of time – just leave the dressing off until it’s time to serve.

When in doubt, cater it

We recently shared a blog post about holiday catering by VG Meats, and it’s not too late – while we appreciate a week’s notice, feel free to call us over the weekend to request catering for your Christmas meal. We will do our best to accommodate everyone!

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call us, message us on Facebook or stop into one of our retail locations in Simcoe or Stoney Creek. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays to all!