Camping Meal Hacks from VG

Camping isn’t an excuse to eat out of a can for a week

July 21, 2017

Have you gone camping this summer? If not, now’s the time to make it happen. The August long weekend is only a couple of weeks away, and before you know it, it will be September when life resumes its hectic pace. Don’t miss out on the ultimate slice of Canadiana – a weekend in the woods. It’s an amazing way to get off the grid, relax, and spend time with friends or family. Think of the hiking, the swimming, the stories and meals around a campfire…speaking of which, we have some tips.

You know we love meat, and good meals with friends. Camping isn’t an excuse to eat out of a can for a week – you can create delicious, hearty meals on site that will have your fellow campers raving. Think of yourself as part wilderness adventurer, part chef, and follow these great tips from the VG Meats team.

Create a Meal Plan

If you’re bringing a few different cuts of meat, think about what will last longer in the cooler vs what needs to be cooked up in the first day or two. Plan your meals around that so nothing goes to waste. Meals can be simple – a nice steak or sausage in a bun plus some corn on the cob is easy and delicious. Fresh fruit, veg, canned beans and a few dry goods will round out your shopping list. Don’t forget tea and/or coffee, plus plenty of bottled water!

Use Vac-Packs

Ask your butcher to vacuum pack your meats into meal-sized portions. You can freeze them before the trip and keep them in the cooler. They’ll stay fresh for a few days until you take them out to thaw, and help keep the rest of your cooler contents fresh by functioning as an extra ice pack.

Have Two (Or More) Coolers

Have one cooler for meats/other perishables, and a second for drinks and snacks. You don’t want to lose the temperature of your cooler because everyone’s been grabbing bottles of water or beer! Warm beer is sad, but spoiled meat is a tragedy.

Bring the Basics

You can do a lot with tin foil, one pot, some clean water and a camping grill. Use the pot to boil (or steam) vegetables like fresh corn. Wrap potatoes or bundles of asparagus in tin foil and place them over your coals to roast. Use a simple camping grill to cook meat over hot coals (not directly over the fire!) and watch your feast come together. Don’t forget to bring a small container of salt and pepper to season your meat, plus some pantry basics like butter and olive oil. Pack fresh garlic and your favourite dry seasonings if you want to take it up a notch, and don’t forget a pair of tongs and an oven mitt.

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