Bigger and Better!

An Update on Farm to City

April 25, 2019

Running a family business like ours is a little bit like raising kids – it’s busy, there’s food everywhere and at the end of the day, we’re just trying to make people happy. It might feel chaotic some days, but we love it!

When we announced our Farm to City home delivery program a few months ago, it was a gamble…but we’re happy to say that it’s working. In fact, it’s working beautifully and we’re busier than ever. Within weeks, demand was so great that we added new delivery zones! We’re thrilled, and it seems that our customers are, too. On that note, we’d like to share some recent testimonials with our readers. Feel free to add yours in the comments on Facebook!

Here’s what customers are saying about Farm to City

“We live about 30 minutes away from Stoney Creek, so getting to VG on a regular basis was challenging…we love the products and quality but going to the actual store always took a big chunk of the afternoon. Farm to City delivery is perfect because now we just order online and get what we need whenever we want it.”

“I like to keep the freezer full of our family’s staples – ground beef, chicken breast, sausage, etc – and the value and quality from VG is excellent. I love that they deliver right to my door now – it saves me so much time and money!”

“When I heard about home delivery, I was so excited!!!”

We started small – and then we grew

Our initial delivery map was fairly small, but have you looked at it lately? Whoa – we didn’t just add a few delivery locations. We added DOZENS of locations. Check out the full Farm to City delivery zone now – it includes nearly 60 towns and cities! And yes, home delivery means directly to your door – not a drop zone. That means it goes from our farm to your kitchen – it’s easy and convenient, and every order is delivered with a smile.

We’ll keep growing

While we’ve expanded our delivery zones considerably, we keep getting requests to go even farther – and we’re listening. As soon as we’re able, we’ll make home delivery possible in even more regions. Be patient with us – it’s all about finding ways to make home delivery possible without adding a huge cost for our customers. We want to deliver to even more towns and cities in Southern Ontario, but we need to be able to offer this service at a good price. Stay tuned as we continue to work on achieving this!

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