Best. Stuffing. Ever.

Thanks for Your Help

December 14, 2017

It’s important that we put this out there, simply because it’s true: we have the best customers in the world. Seriously! We had a very important question, so we put out a call on social media and you guys answered in a big way. The issue at hand? How to make the perfect stuffing for your holiday turkey. As it turns out, you love stuffing as much as we do – and you’re willing to share your secrets! The answers poured in on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and here’s what you said.

Good bread is key.

Pretty much every person who commented started with the same stuffing element: the bread. Some customers, such as Brittany G, said they used more than one type of bread to achieve the desired result. Whether you use french bread, love challah or live for sourdough, good bread is a must. Start by leaving it out in open air for an open or two – a good, crusty bread is the perfect starting point for your stuffing.

Seasoning matters – a lot!

Sage, poultry seasoning, rosemary, thyme – these are all good things! Fresh or dried, it all tastes amazing. A few of our customers mentioned that they use premade spice combinations from Epicure to flavour their stuffing. What a great idea! Come into our Simcoe or Stoney Creek retail shop to check out the delicious spice options we offer in store.

Celery and onion are still must-haves.

This will never change. Add garlic and you’ve got the holy trinity of all things savoury.

…but so are apple, cranberry and nuts, apparently!

We loved seeing all of the creative additions to your favourite stuffings, from fried mushrooms and chopped apples to crunchy walnuts to dried cranberries. Some of you, like Jon M, add cream and eggs to give your stuffing a bread pudding-like feel. That sounds delicious – are you drooling like we are?

Some of you add MORE meat.

You add bacon, you add turkey and chicken stock…because like us, you love meat. Sausage was a popular stuffing addition – and we like it! Try using our Farmer Sausage, or Mild Italian Pork Sausage or even our Salt and Pepper Chicken Sausage.

Lots of you make it outside of the bird.

Because no matter how big the bird, we always want more stuffing than it can realistically hold. And more and more, and then a little more…we get it. There’s never enough stuffing! The bird holds the first batch and your best oven-safe container holds batch #2. That’s smart – we approve.

Our recipe for an amazing holiday stuffing

We’ve established that it takes great bread, your favourite seasoning, some textural elements and as much (or as little) “extra” as you want – so go wild and create your own! The best stuffing is one that YOUR family truly loves and enjoys. Happy holidays!

Remember – if you haven’t ordered your holiday ham, turkey, roast or turducken yet, do it now! The holidays are coming up fast and you don’t want to miss out.