Back to School with VG Meats

Meat Fundraisers

August 24, 2017

September is just around the corner, and in a few short weeks, kids will be going back in school. It’s a big year in our house, as our oldest child is about to start JK. We’ll have to wait and see if any tears are shed (maybe not by our daughter, but potentially from mom and dad)!

We recently shared a post on back to school lunch ideas – we hope you’ll find them helpful. They’ll definitely be used in our house! But beyond packing lunches, the impending school season has us thinking about something else: meat fundraisers.

Yes, you read that right – meat fundraisers are a thing, and they’re awesome. September is the perfect time of year to organize one with your school council, before they’re hit with a million other fundraising pitches for muffin batter and magazine subscriptions. Parents love our meat fundraisers because they’re supporting the school while buying something they need for their family – good food. It’s a great program to run any time of year, and has been received really well by school communities. After all, how would you rather support your local school – through healthy, high quality meat that was raised locally? Or by buying things you don’t really want or need? The choice is easy (and delicious).

Here’s how it works: the organization gets set up with order forms for the students, takes orders for meat from our list and collects the money over a selected period of time. VG Meats receives the order, put packages together and delivers them to school, where parents can pick them up. We then donate back 10% of the total bill to the organization.

From steaks to sausages, chicken breasts to beef bacon, we’ve got everything you need to fill your freezer, support your school and eat deliciously. It’s a win for everybody!

To learn more about meat fundraisers with VG Meats, please click here, email or call 519-426-2000.