Are You BBQ Season Ready?

A Helpful Checklist From Your Friends at VG Meats

April 11, 2019

If you’re anything like us, every day is BBQ season…summer, winter, spring or fall, you’re out there grilling steaks and keeping everyone happy. You don’t need warm weather to enjoy a good cheeseburger (though it DOES help).

That said, for most Canadians, springtime is when we dust off the ol’ barbeque. If you’re thinking about cooking outside this weekend, here are our tips for getting BBQ season ready.

Check your gas

If you use propane, make sure you’ve got a full tank that hasn’t been damaged over the winter. If you use gas from a line attached to your home, check the hose for tears or other damage. You should also look for build-up and blockages. You don’t want an unexpected fire! (This isn’t super common, but it definitely happens.) Safety first, friends.

Clean your grill

There’s nothing worse than prepping some delicious steaks and then finding that a critter got into your barbeque over the winter months. Even if there’s no evidence of this, it’s best to give your grill some tender, loving care after a few months without regular use. Give your BBQ a good clean (both inside and out). Start with the exterior and then clean off your tank, any elements or other side features, and of course, the grates (this is what your food touches, after all, so you want it sparkling clean). Don’t forget the grease trap! Test the burners, the heat and make sure your igniter is working well. Now you’re ready to cook!

Stock up on your favourites from VG Meats

We’ve got all of your favourite steaks, hamburgers and more – chicken, sausages, even chicken sausages! With this much variety, you’ll never get bored.

You may want to create a monthly subscription with our Farm to City delivery program – this makes BBQ season a breeze, as your favourite VG products will arrive once a month (or even once a week, if you prefer). We’ve also got an amazing steak bundle subscription as well as our regular bundle options – all available with home delivery. Or, check out our in-store specials and visit us in person at our Simcoe or Stoney Creek location. We’ve got some great Easter dinner items on sale right now, but also some of your favourite steaks, pork chops and hot dogs. Yum…happy grilling!