5 VG Meats products you might not have heard of (but will want to try!)

Sometimes, you’ve gotta try something new

February 28, 2019

Every VG Meats customer has their own list of favourites. Some love our Tomahawk steaks or Prime Rib while others are all about the beef bacon. The truth is, you can’t lose – we put the same quality and care into everything we make – but sometimes, you’ve gotta try something new. Here are five things you might not realize you can get at VG Meats. Visit us in store or shop now at vgfarmtocity.ca!

Chicken sausage

Our sausage is great and our chicken is a customer-favourite, but did you know we have chicken sausage? Try our Salt and Pepper, Spinach and Feta, or Jalapeno and Cheddar varieties (the latter is amazing when pan-fried, chopped up and added to spaghetti – yum). You might even find additional flavours in store, so look around or ask at the counter!


We’ve almost always got Picanna available in Simcoe and often in Stoney Creek, but it’s best to call ahead to make sure you can get your hands on this amazing cut of beef (also known as a coulette or sirloin cap). Picanna (sometimes spelled Picanha) is a popular dish in Brazil and definitely worth trying here at home. Prepare it like you would prepare a large steak and enjoy the amazing tenderness and flavour!

Porchetta sandwiches

Did you know we make porchetta in Stoney Creek every weekend? Crispy skin outside, juicy inside, incredible flavour…it honestly makes people drool. Come get it in a delicious sandwich on a white kaiser with your favourite toppings for only $6.60, or buy the porchetta on its own for $11/lb. You’ll be back every Saturday once you taste this one!

Cottage roll

This is a seasonal product that can be special ordered year round – a hidden gem and customer favourite! Cottage roll is essentially a brined, cured pork roast that has a sweetness and saltiness that reminds some people of ham. Enjoy it with some simple vegetables and potatoes on the side or make a delicious dish with cabbage and carrots.

Pickled Brisket

Another seasonal favourite, you’ll be seeing this product in store as St. Patrick’s Day approaches. Similar to corned beef, pickled brisket is a delicious, hearty and flavourful choice that works for dinner or makes a great sandwich. Call ahead to order yours!

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