5 steak sins to avoid

October 26, 2018

We love steak. We love it a lot. That’s why we want every cut you buy from VG Meats to be the best, most delicious steak you’ve ever eaten. We help make this happen by offering high quality, consistent products that are fresh, local and delicious. The cooking side of things, however, it usually up to you. Here’s our list of some of the worst steak sins a person can commit…avoid these and you’re off to a great start!

Sin #1: Playing a guessing game

One of the worst things you can do when cooking a steak is guessing instead of knowing when your steak is done. Use a meat thermometer to monitor your steak’s internal temp and doneness (rare, medium, well done, etc). You don’t want a blue steak when you were going for medium well, or a well done steak when rare is your thing. If you know exactly how long it takes to cook your steak to perfection, use a timer. Whatever you do, don’t just wing it or (gasp) cut it into the meat to check. A little knowledge goes a long way!

Sin #2: Piercing the meat before cooking

Please, please don’t pierce your steak before cooking it, no matter how you’re cooking it. There is no need and this can seriously reduce the quality of your meal! Season it externally as desired but do not cut into that sweet, perfect cut of beef until you’re ready to eat it.

Sin #3: Same old, same old steak

So you love a good ribeye steak (so do we). That’s great, but don’t get into the habit of buying the same cut every time you come into the store. There is so much variety here and all of it is amazing in different ways. Ask your butcher for recommendations and try something new! You might find that you love a good Denver or sirloin steak, discover our delicious tenderloin steaks or finally give that Tomahawk a go.

Sin #4: Cooking the same way every time

If you always season your steak with salt and pepper and throw it on the BBQ, we bet you’re eating really well. After all, that’s a great way to classic steak dinner! But have you ever ever cooked your steak in a frying pan with butter and salt? This lesser known method is INCREDIBLE when done right – we encourage you all to try it out (there are some great videos on YouTube, if you want more direction). Additionally, you can talk to your VG Meats butcher about their recommendations for cooking different cuts. We love helping customers with this sort of thing, so don’t be shy!

Sin #5: Rushing instead of resting

Once you’ve cooked your steak to perfection, you want to get it in your belly, we know…but please, LET IT REST! You don’t want to lose all of those delicious, flavourful juices by cutting into it too soon. Rest your steak at least 10 minutes if you can – it’s worth the wait.

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