4 Ingredients for a Perfect Canada Day BBQ

This is a big weekend for us

June 29, 2017

Canada Day conjures up happy memories for so many of us, and with #Canada150 just a few days away, this year is extra special. Music, fireworks, an extra day off school or a short work week, celebrations with friends and family. It’s the perfect weekend for a barbeque, and many of us hold annual events at our homes or cottages. VG Meats is all about family (and bbqs!) so naturally, this is a big weekend for us. If you’re planning a get together this Canada Day long weekend, here are a few VG favourites to put on the grill.

#1: Boneless Rib Eye Steak

Steak is the centre of any barbeque. People love steak, so this weekend, give the people what they want. Our Boneless Rib Eye is the perfect option if you want amazing flavour. Season it lightly with salt and pepper, get a good sear on the outside and grill it to a perfect medium-rare. Any man or woman who masters this skill a summer hero – start with an amazing product, and then show them what you’ve got.

#2: Farmer’s Sausage

Just the idea of sausage is enough to make many a mouths drool…and with good reason. Our Farmer’s Sausage is juicy, delicious, and perfect on a bun with your favourite ketchup or aioli. Slice it up and serve it on its own beside a bed of potato or pasta salad, and wait for the compliments to roll in. It’s that good.

#3: Bone-in Chicken Breasts

Chicken is extra flavourful when it’s left on the bone, and a bone-in chicken breast grills up perfectly. Try them simply seasoned with salt and pepper, marinated in your favourite bbq sauce or rubbed with butter, garlic and a squeeze of lemon. Chicken makes a great vehicle for any sauce and can be served on its own or in a fresh bun. Give your guests the option!

#4: Portabella Mushroom Burgers

Our Portabella Mushrooms Burgers are made with steak, and that’s really all you need to know. Delicious, flavourful ground steak with mushrooms in a perfect burger. Try it on a brioche bun, with or without cheese, and add your favourite fresh toppings. This burger pairs perfectly with a cold beer (and tastes even better around a campfire).

These are some of our favourite BBQ picks, but there’s plenty more to choose from on our website or at our bricks-and-mortar store in Stoney Creek. Grab a few (or all) of these great products for your barbeque, and it’s guaranteed to be a meal your guests remember. Now all you need is some potato salad, a great coleslaw and some corn on the cob (plus, a few local crafts beers to complement your feast). Don’t forget to tag us in your Canada Day BBQ photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We love seeing the great meals you create. Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!