3 back to school tips for families

August 29, 2019

We all may be looking forward to the long weekend (and for good reason!) but in less than a week, families across Ontario will be in back to school mode. While you might not be ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, you can’t actually stop the clock – but you can make back to school time go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few tips for keeping September fun and stress-free (with a little help from your friends at VG Meats).

Pack an awesome – and easy – school lunch

Your kids need a school lunch that’s packed with delicious, healthy foods that will help they stay energized and ready to learn. Start with some protein – sliced chicken breast, Little VGs or their favourite deli meat (try rolling individual pieces of turkey breast or ham instead of packing a full sandwich – many kids do well with small bites). Add some of their favourite fruit and veggies, a yogurt cup or sliced cheese and their favourite crackers. It’s an easy, kid-friendly lunch you’ll feel good about.

Make weeknight dinners a breeze

Between work, school, appointments and extracurriculars, family life is busy. You don’t need to order pizza twice a week to get by – just plan ahead and let VG help you out. We’ve got delicious store-made frozen entrees available in Simcoe and Stoney Creek, including our signature lasagna (a family favourite). Our Stoney Creek location has a variety of ready-to-eat meals and side dishes made fresh throughout the week – just heat and serve! It’s as easy as the drive-thru but with none of the fast food guilt.

We’ve also got all of your favourite meat and Ontario produce on hand to prepare quick, healthy homemade meals. If you toss some chicken breasts into your favourite marinade before leaving for work, they’ll be easy to cook up on the BBQ once you get home. Try using a crockpot to slow-cook dinner while you work, or throw some beef, chicken or pork into your instant pot for a quick meal. You can also batch cook some of your favourite meals on the weekend and simply heat them up on busy weeknights. Find out what works for your family and run with it!

Save time with convenient home delivery

Grocery shopping is one of those chores you can’t escape – after all, your family needs to eat. That said, we can make it simple and convenient with our Farm to City home delivery program. Simply set up a weekly or monthly order and boom – your favourite meats will arrive at your door as scheduled. It’s that easy.

Thanks for reading – we hope to see you in store soon. Have a great long weekend and a wonderful back to school season, friends!