Try a Little Tenderness

Because Nobody Wants a Tough Steak

April 27, 2017

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the very best meat is juicy, flavourful and tender. It’s impossible for me to pick a favourite cut because truly, it’s about so much more than which part of the animal you’re working with. One day my favourite might be our beef flat iron, and the next day, the best thing I can have is a pichanna. It’s about quality, and that can be found in any of our products. In fact, that’s our mission – to make every cut of meat your favourite.

At VG Meats, we are dedicated to achieving that holy trifecta of deliciousness: juiciness, flavour and tenderness. A large part of this quality assurance involves tenderness testing on all beef products – a proven, scientific method that provides our customers with exceptional meat on the table every day. Let’s talk a bit about what that means, and why it’s so important to our farm and retail shop.

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We Bring the Farm to You

Farm to City

April 20, 2017

If you live in a rural area, you may be used to buying your meat straight from the farm – it’s only natural, and access to fresh, high quality local meat is one of the benefits of living in the country. Like buying wild blueberries or fresh corn from the Farmer’s Market in the summer, shopping local is something that benefits the consumer as well as the local economy. You can’t go wrong with delicious food from your own backyard!

But what if you live in the city? Our products are available at Longos – a partnership we’re very pleased with and proud of. That said, we understand that some customers live outside of the Longos store area, want to order a large quantity of meat, or prefer the convenience of delivery. For those customers, we offer our Farm to City program. Put simply, it’s a delivery service that brings the farm to you. As VG brother Cory puts it, “The Farm to City program allows consumers to participate in a local food economy…A lot of people want to know where their food is coming from, and it’s our goal to connect Ontario farmers to local consumers.”

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Let’s Eat

With Zane Caplansky & VG Meats

April 13, 2017

Life is good on the farm, but sometimes, we venture out to the city to see our hard work in action.

If you’re a fan of our meat, you know that our quality is a cut above the rest. But did you know that we actually supply one of the most popular delis in Toronto with the key ingredient in their star dish? It’s true – that amazing brisket you’re getting from Caplansky’s on College Street is from our Simcoe farm.

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