VG and the Great Horned Owl

Nature is amazing!

October 19, 2017

It’s not often you get the opportunity to sit face-to-face with a Great Horned Owl – but it happened here the other day, and it was pretty amazing.

On the VG family farm, we get to see some amazing things – coyotes leaping through the field, deer and rabbits out in the pasture, and nocturnal visitors like skunks, possums and raccoons. Nature is awesome, and we never tire of seeing these animals in their natural habitat.

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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad VG!

Here's to Many More!

October 12, 2017

VG Meats is all about family. It’s pretty amazing that four brothers can work together and at the end of the day, still call each other friends. A lot of that can be attributed to the way we were raised by our parents, Wayne and Joan Van Groningen. They taught us values, our work ethic and most importantly, the love of family.

Mom and Dad VG got married on October 12, 1974 – 43 years ago today. Their wedding was held in Cayuga, where Mom grew up, and was a beautiful event that joined two great people in life and love. Walking down the aisle, we doubt Mom knew she was going to have four more VG men in her house very soon – four sons in seven years, to be exact – but she’s never complained!

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VG Meats at the Norfolk County Fair

Come Out and Visit Us!

October 3, 2017

It’s a busy, wonderful time of year at VG Meats. Thanksgiving is less than a week today, and before you know it, the Christmas season will be upon us. Weren’t we just talking about summer BBQ ideas?! It’s crazy how time flies. But before we get to Thanksgiving, the VG Meats team gets to take place in an annual tradition that means a lot to our farm and our family: the Norfolk County Fair.

This year marks the 177th edition of the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show. It’s hard to say exactly how many years VG has been at the fair – we’re talking decades! – so let’s just say it’s at least as long as the four brothers have been alive, and then some. The tradition runs way back, and we love being a part of this amazing community event. As kids, we’d spend hours checking out activities like the tractor pull and carnival rides, eating delicious food and visiting baby animals in the petting barn. The demolition derby has always been a good time, and in recent years, live music has become a fantastic element of the fair. Our parents and grandparents took us every single year, working hard and having a great time. Now that we’re grown, we still spend hours exploring the grounds, eating good food and having fun – but now, we have our own kids in tow!

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