What to Do This Family Day

Ideas from VG Meats

February 15, 2018

It’s been a great week on the VG family farm. The sun was finally out yesterday and even with all of the ice and snow on the ground, we can see springtime on the horizon. We hope you’re feeling good, too – there’s plenty of reason to! The weekend is almost here and this time, and you get a whole extra day to relax and have fun. Monday, February 19th is Family Day in Ontario – the perfect excuse to gather with your loved ones and enjoy some quality time together. Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Family activities near Simcoe

Looking for some Family Day fun in and around Norfolk County? There are a variety of activities happening at the Simcoe Recreation Centre, including free ice skating, swimming, crafting and hiking (details available here). There are also free skates happening in Caledonia and other townships (check your local arena for details). You can bundle up and go hiking, sledding, cross country skiing or snowshoeing as a family, or even try a ride on some fat bikes! We’re living in a truly beautiful landscape – get outside and enjoy it!

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Specials: February 14th – February 27th

February 14, 2018


  • Beef Tenderloin Steak or Roast – $21.95/lb
  • Whole Chicken Legs – $3.95/lb
  • Fresh Pork Spare Ribs – $3.95/lb
  • Boneless Beef Chuck Roast – $4.50/lb
  • Center Cut Pork Chops (10lb – Frozen – Individually Wrapped) – $3.45/lb
  • Breakfast Sausage (10lb – Frozen – 1lb Packs) – $2.75/lb
  • New York Strip Loin Steaks (6 Pack – Frozen – Vac Packed) – $12.95/lb


  • Gluten Free Pork Sausage (Frozen – Your Choice of Flavours) – $4.99/lb (Buy 1lb, get 1lb free – 2lb free max) 
  • Lean Ground Pork (Fresh) – $3.45/lb (Buy 1lb, get 1lb free – 4lb max free)


  • Sugar Cured Smoked Picnic Hams – $0.99/lb
    That’s like getting 10lb of sweet, smokey, meaty goodness for less than $10.


  • 10lb Jumbo Pork Hot Dogs (Frozen) – $1.75/lb
  • 10lb Pork Sausage (Your Choice of 3 Flavours – Frozen) – $1.99/lb


  • Bacon Wrapped Filet (Beef Tenderloin) – 6 Pack Frozen (Individually Packed)
  • Chicken Legs – 10lb Frozen (Individually Packed)
  • Tenderloin End Chops – 10lb Frozen (Individually Packed)
  • Regular Ground Beef Patties – 10lb Frozen (Individually Packed)


SAVE $82.33 from the Fresh Counter!

Our 2018 #VGMeatsChiliBowl Champion Shares Her Winning Recipe!


February 8, 2018

The first annual VG Meats Chili Bowl was a success, with some amazing entries and one truly outstanding winner, Mary Pat Elliott (‘Chili B’ from the competition, if you’re keeping track). Thanks again to all who entered, taste-tested and voted for their favourite – it was a great day! We are so pleased to share this winning recipe with all of our customers. Thanks again, Mary Pat!

A note from our winner

“In the past couple of years, I have become fascinated by the depth of flavour and warmth that the “curry cooking technique” of Indian cuisine. For example, some spices and herbs are added to be stewed or simmered for long periods of time, some are introduced at the end. This the basic inspiration for the technique in this chili.

As far as other inspiration goes, well, that would be a six or seven-year-old girl helping her Mom out in the kitchen as she and my late Dad raised four kids under the age of five in a small bungalow around the corner from VG Meats. The incredible smell of sauteing ground beef and onions will always bring me back to those days where I first learned to love cooking for others. Along with Dad’s Pancakes, Mom’s Chili Con Carne was the first dish I ever learned how to make.” – Mary Pat Elliott

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