Farm to City

Bringing Local Meat Closer To You

Many Ontarians live in communities that are greatly underserved by local meat options and are overserved by big box stores.

Farm to CityBeing able to purchase born and raised Ontario beef, free of antibiotics and added hormones, and fully traceable to the farm, or chicken and pork that come exclusively from small, local Ontario farms, is what we want to bring to our customers!

Through our newly-launched Farm to City Program, we bring monthly deliveries of meat to under-served communities. By ordering a week (or more) in advance, families can place orders for delicious local meat and get it delivered once a month to a location in their community.

From beautiful steaks, to chicken breasts, pork roasts as well as freezer bundles, we want to help Ontarians have the access they need and want to delicious meat. Local Champions host drop sites in their driveways and help to promote our good meat story by telling friends, family and neighbours.

About the Farms